Identifying Target Customers and Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Workplace

Identifying Target Customers and Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Workplace

Every social media platform has a language, identity, image, audience and soul. While visuality stands out in some social media platforms, in others, ideas are mentioned. While social media maintains its dynamic structure at the center of life, businesses need to adapt to these platforms.

Businesses that sell both goods and services say “I’m here too!” in the digital world. In fact, it depends on the struggle for existence they put forward on social media platforms and their social media marketing strategies. Likewise, in a recent international public opinion survey; It is stated that 90% of internet users first contact with businesses is through social media posts or advertisements. In the face of such a high rate, businesses must first determine their target audience. Identifying which social platform the audience uses most provides a strong position in the digital world.

Target Audience Determination

The target audience determination process for businesses is a litmus function that has the potential to determine success rates. A business that chooses its audience correctly can maximize its profits with the right marketing and have the chance to see its business grow.

In order to determine the target audience, the search volumes in the search engines, the published commercial statistics, the analysis of the competitors offering the goods and/or services that they plan to sell or similar, and the supply and demand curves are used.

Social media selection - choosing the right social media platform - social media marketing - target audience

Let’s say you are a business that sells wooden toy products and is looking for a way to increase sales. The first steps you need to follow are undoubtedly to determine the search volumes of all relevant keywords such as “wooden toy”, “wooden doll”, “wooden car”, to analyze the websites of the actors in this market, their published statistics, brands, interactions and all similar factors. you will have.

As a result of your research and analysis, you can find that schools that provide education with the Montessori model use wooden toys. These schools state that wooden toys are more beneficial for health than plastic toys. Then you can understand that a large part of your target audience is these schools, their students or their parents.

After the audience is determined, you will be able to make your campaigns and shares in accordance with the audience and reach high sales. In summary; Identifying your target audience correctly will make you forget the ads that you can’t interact with. It will also open the door to a business model where you influence your customers and turn their interactions into sales.

Choosing the Right Social Media

In addition to determining the right target audience, you should be able to determine the social media platform that this audience uses heavily. Conducting your campaigns in accordance with the structure and purpose of this platform will be your golden key on the road to success.

If you are selling a product where visuality is important at the point of choosing the social media platform, social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok that highlight the visual; If you are selling a product where words, ideas and information are important, you should prefer social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. If the age criterion is important for your business, you should classify it as 18-24, 25-35 and choose the channel your audience uses.

Social media selection - choosing the right social media platform - social media marketing - target audience

Although it is advantageous to take part in a niche social platform where you will get maximum efficiency from your ads or shares, instead of being on all social media platforms, you will be able to adapt to the spirit, structure and sharing type of that channel in different channels. In addition to focusing on the platform where your audience is dense, you can also try to reach all of your potential customers on platforms with a smaller percentage of your target audience. However, the most efficient option is to choose the right social media platform and invest in it.

Winning Example: Pinterest and Etsy

In your research, you will be able to see that the wooden toy products we have given as examples are mostly sold on the Etsy platform. Most of the sales made on Etsy are made to Pinterest users, and it is stated that 55% of people who pin a product post on Pinterest make purchases on Etsy by following the link. This rate is followed by Facebook and Instagram respectively. After all, if you’re selling wooden toys, the platforms you need to share are Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

You can determine your target customers based on these strategies, specific to the products your business offers for sale. Thus, you can maximize your profit by reducing your costs by choosing the right social media platform.

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